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About 11./SS Gren.Rgt.2

1.SS Arizona reenacts an infantry unit of the Waffen-SS. Our unit trains with topographic maps, compasses, as well as radio communications so that we can move, traverse, locate the enemy, fix his location on a map, and prepare for attack.


We arrive ready to fight. 1.SS Arizona deploys an MG34 as well as various individual automatic weapons so that we can be an effective fighting force. We provide training and familiarization for all weapons used.


In order to maintain our skills the unit participates in training weekends where classes in the various functions of the unit are conducted. We are, after all, in this hobby to learn

Formed in June of 2001, the vision for the 1.SS Arizona was to create a unit that not only dressed the part of the Waffen-SS soldier of WWII but embodied his Esprite de Corps as well. When the founding members of LSSAH Arizona first got together they all shared one idea. That was, that WWII reenacting from a German perspective should be more than dressing up and popping caps. Within the Waffen SS during WWII there was a friendship and loyalty to each other that founding members of 1.SS Arizona found appealing, and so they designed to build a new unit that not only maintained a high level of authenticity, but also provided the “Kameradschaft” that was such a big part of the life of WWII Waffen-SS Soldaten.

This unit is an AZHG member, visit the AZHG here!

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