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Enlist in the Leibstandarte today!

Prospektiv Anwärter


We take our unit and our hobby very seriously so there are some things you will need to consider prior to requesting and submitting an application. If you can answer yes to the following questions, our unit may be for you:

1) Are you at least 18 years of age? (A copy of a valid photo ID will be required) If not, we have a youth program for new members aged 16 to 18. Contact us for details.

2) Can you attend events (battles) in state at least twice a year?

3) Are you free from felony convictions?

4) Are you aware of our unit’s “No Tolerance Policy” toward any radical, political or racist ideologies?

5) Can you afford to equip yourself and endure travel costs to and from events?

6) Do you understand that during your three-event probationary period as an Anwärter (candidate) your membership may be revoked, without recourse, for breaches of discipline, demonstration of radical tendencies, or for misleading or falsifying information on your application?

Further Information
How much are dues?
The first year’s dues are $45, due by the third event. This pays for your LAH Handbook, Soldbuch (German pay and records book), the LAH cuff title and Das Schwarze Korps newsletter. Subsequent dues are $35 which pays for sustaining membership, the newsletter, special projects and upkeep of the LAH website.
How do I join?
Click on the link below to view our bylaws before proceeding to the application form, after you submit the form a unit member will contact you as soon as possible for follow up information. You can also email with any questions or concerns.
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